Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient, or more recently, Active Assisted Living (AAL) is intended to help keep older people living independently in their homes for longer. With higher demands placed on the NHS and the constantly increasing cost of social care in the UK, I am using this website to raise awareness of AAL and its’ potential benefits to older adults.

There seems to be this spot in an older person’s life when, a nursing home or sheltered accommodation is not necessary and is unsuitable, but a little more help is needed to keep them a little safer in their own home; just keeping an eye on them.

You want the older person to be in their own home that they’ve lived in for years as long as possible, but not too long for it to become unsafe.

Moving into a nursing home, sheltered accommodation or warden controlled housing has been shown to be very stressful for the older person, up rooting them from their well-known home, friends, routines and local amenities. Keeping their independence is very important.

You worry about them all the time, but don’t want to nag.

They worry about you worrying about them, and don’t want to be any trouble; as you’re busy and have your own life to lead.

You could both live with this worry for several years. Worrying about the other worrying about you!

I think I can help here. Using AAL, a bit of electronics, some software, basic AI and perhaps a smart phone app (there’s always an app!).

Only problem is; it’s complicated.

  • It needs to be done safely and with respect.
  • There should be no need to change your behaviour for the system to work.
  • It needs to cost as little as possible, we all have less money nowadays.
  • It needs to be easy to use. Someone with a basic understanding of computers and the internet should be able to install it into a home. Someone with an understanding of a surfing the internet should be able to operate it.

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